Information for Patients

If you would like to help in the fight gainst breast cancer and have your teeth professionally whitened, please read the following:

Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures:

Breast Cancer Survivor Courtney with Jeff Foxworthy at the BSBF Victory Celebration 2005

Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures has raised over one million dollars for cancer initiatives since 2001 in the Gwinnett County area. Since 2004, monies raised have been used to improve women’s access to advanced breast cancer diagnostics through the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation’s Time Matters in the Fight Against Breast Cancer Campaign.

Monies raised during recent campaigns were used toward the purchase of a new Ultrasound Imaging Device which will further improve the ability to detect breast cancer. The equipment purchase goals of the next campaign will be set as the needs of Gwinnett Breast Center are determined. Our focus is always on improving comfort and timely access to breast diagnostic services.

Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures is a program in which the patient makes a donation to the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation (which is a 501c3 organization) and the volunteer dentist provides dental services at no charge. Historically we have focused on tooth whitening, and this year our volunteer dentists are incorporating other procedures in addition to or instead of tooth whitening. Please ask your volunteer dentist for details.

Your payment will go directly to the hospital foundation, either by check or credit card. Gift certificates are available from participating offices. The donation is tax deductable, but you should contact your tax advisor. The participating dentists do not charge for bleaching while they are participating, so there is no taxable service provided. To participate, contact the participating dentist closest to you. The participating dentists are listed on the Participating Dentists page which you can access by clicking here. If your dentist does not participate in the effort, please encourage him or her to do so.

You can now enjoy a brighter smile, and know that you helped create a brighter future for someone else. Please join in the effort, you WILL save a life!

Click here for participating dentists.