“Dentists Curing Cancer One Smile at a Time”

Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures is a teeth whitening program in which a patient makes a donation in lieu of paying for dental services. Our Gwinnett county volunteer dentists then provide a selected service, usually tooth whitening, for the patient. The dentists do not receive any compensation for the services provided for Brighter Smiles. 100% of the patient’s donation goes to the Foundation.

We have raised well over one MILLION dollars!

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Proceeds benefit Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation’s Project PATH, GMC’s vision for the future

The purpose of this center is to provide all breast imaging services in one central location on the Lawrenceville campus. This project will not only add services to the Lawrenceville campus for breast cancer detection but will enhance the physical surroundings to provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere. The experience for a woman visiting this center can be very stressful as the findings from a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound or biopsy can mean a cancer diagnosis.

The Center for Women’s Services will house the following:

  • An expanded Center for Screening Mammography
  • An expanded Center for Diagnostic Mammography
  • Resource Center with breast cancer related reading material, including the Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook that’s given to each woman diagnosed with breast cancer at GMC.
  • Cancer Navigator
  • PET CT and MRI
  • Operating Rooms dedicated to breast surgeries
  • Physician offices including Oncologists and Surgeons.

As our community keeps growing, the need for women’s imaging services continues to exceed the current Gwinnett Health System service capacity. The better access our patients have to these important services comes the earlier detection of breast cancer which allows for an accelerated intervention, resulting in a greater chance of survival for the patient.

Gwinnett Medical Center, system-wide, performs approximately 23,000 diagnostic mammograms per year, however, with this expanded diagnostic center, we could potentially reach many more patients who need these important services. It is anticipated that upon completion an additional 4,500 diagnostic mammograms, 5,000 breast ultrasounds, and 765 breast biopsies can be performed per year.

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